RATES: Lakewest’s studio rate is $65 per hour, this includes producing, recording and mixing.
  “Lockouts” are available for $650 per day. The purpose of a lockout is to keep  the studio “set-up” and undisturbed for your
project. This usually occurs during basic tracking and mix-down.  A lockout includes up to ten (10) actual hours of recording.  Any recording after ten hours is added to the lockout rate on a per hour basis. Rates are negotiable depending on the size and scope of your recording and involvement of producer.

  A deposit of $100 per day of time reserved is required to secure studio time.Paying for each session at its completion seems to work best, with any balance to  be paid at the completion of the project. Like any legitimate studio, studio time and tape are
subject to 7% RI state sales tax unless you provide a resale tax number.

  Back up HARD DRIVES:   If you are opting to use Pro-tools hard disc recording we strongly recommend the purchase of a hard
drive to back-up your information.Hard drive storage cost start about $100.00 depending on the data storage needs of your project Note: session/pro-tools data will not be saved on studio hard drive after 30 days of completion of project.

2” 24 track analog tape runs at 30ips (the preferred industry standard) and lasts 16 mins. Tape can also run at 15ips and lasts 32mins. For many projects we track the “basic” tracks to Analog tape and then transfer to Pro Tools for overdubs, editing and
mixing. Analog tape has become available again after the major manufacturer of analog tape went out of business. I do have
slightly used tape available for basic tracking at no expense to the artist. Call for latest market prices .After each session is
completed, individual cd refs’ can be recorded on site for your immediate needs and reference.

 SCHEDULE: Session time begins when the engineer starts setting up mics and ends when recording, mixing or cd dubs are done.  Please be on time for your session.  Forty-eight (48) hours notice is necessary for any session cancellation.

 YOUR FULL SREVICE RECORDING STUDIO: Lakewest can provide you and your band with every service necessary to make your
project a success.  After your recording is completed you can have your project mastered to give it the finished “radio ready”
treatment. We can also refer you to CD cover designers, CD duplicators, radio promoters and publicists.


Studio design and consulting has been a service provided by Jack Gauthier for many years. With the advent of home studio gear there has been an ever increasing need for tutelage and education in how to use and operate the new tools of musicians at home. Private lessons are offered in how to set up and use equipment in your home studio environment. Home studio design includes sound proofing techniques, head phone system design, equipment wiring and signal flow....any aspect of recording that helps the home recordist better utilize the equipment and space they have available. Of course, individual lessons in recording techniques are available in studio at Lakewest Recording, as well. Contact us for rates and lesson packages.